Sunday, August 28, 2011

I've been to this bar before!

Here we are tryting to catch a wave
Got it

 Oppss, got past us
 This is where we hit 10 knots
It is really hard to surf 54,000 lbs!!!

All in all it was a great crossing thanks to Bill and Jean of Mita Kulu. Besure to check out their El Salvador Rally blog for more fun pics.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures. Glad to hear youguys had a good trip. We wish we were there with you, but Vancouver is not too bad. Have fun and Safe Tarvels. SV Akupara.

Anonymous said...

More pictures please!

Rich SV THIRD DAY said...

Whew Jerry...that looks like Fun!

It's been hard working keeping the taco carts open in your absence! I need your many Taco carts, so little time!

Windfall said...

WOW! Great pics of SOMF crossing over! I didn't know she could do 10 knots! Have a great time at Bahia del Sol, it won't be long till you're heading to HOT Mexico and COLD beer!

Sam and Nancy said...

Great pics crossing over the bar! We didn't know SOMF could DO 10 knots!

Darcy said...

The bar crossing pictures are awesome and the boat looks great!You should share them on FB.