Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Jerry!!!

We had a great night on the 15th to celebrate Jerry's birthday at Fishhook Resturant.  Tony, the bartender at Fishhook who speaks great Enlish, made sure that Jerry had a great time.  Lets just say we were never thirsty, there was music (sorry I can not remember the name of the man) but he was great, and even dancing (not by us.)

On Tuesday Jerrry and I went to Paso Canoas the town on the boarder of Panama to provision for our 98 hour trip up to El Salvador.  Since this was Jerry's birthday day, I thought it was important to get a picture of him with our provisioning!!!

Oh don't feel to bad for him, he had a great birthday evening, I baked a cake....Yes me Lauren for maybe the third time in my life I baked...Happy Birthday Jerry!!

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