Monday, August 8, 2011

Rain Gutters!!

The other night we had a pretty good rainstorm, and now that Jerry has made a "rain gutter" off our sun cover over the salon, when it rains we get some good water in the tanks.  Below is a little video of the water streaming into the tanks!

Last friday we went back to Ciudad Neily to pick up the altenator for the motor that we left to have work done on it.  When we got to the shop (that I have to remind you that it looked more like a junk yard than a shop) they were just putting it back together.  The gentelman was walking around like he lost something, but nothing was said and we got it back for $15.  Jerry installed it back in line and it worked like a champ, now while underway we should not have to worry about that not charging anymore. 
We finished the puzzle!!
We are still just doing a few boat projects a day, along with laundry and we have started watching the "West Wing" series again.  Todays seems to be not as hot as it has been the last couple of days, so hopefully we get some things done after we go into town to get a few items. 

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