Monday, August 1, 2011

Lazy Days!!

More boats in the anchorage
Between the hot days and sometimes rainy afternoons it is hard to get motivated to do boat projects (even though we have a list full.) So Jerry and I have been passing our days with much appriciated "nothing." Skeeter and I go running in the morning and then come back, maybe dinghy a couple of 5 gallon jugs of water back to the boat, then it is just being lazy watching movies and TV shows that we have downloaded, we are all caught up on our favorites: Burn Notice, Fringe, and Chuck; and some other older ones: V, Caprica and Moonlighting. We even have done a couple of puzzles...gotta love puzzles!
Puzzle # 1
Puzzle # 2 in process
In the evening we might go to shore for happy hour or just stay on the boat and cook dinner. I have been having a blast experimenting with different recipes, we have had Chicken Piccata, Spicy Peanut Chicken, and of course the old standby Chicken Curry. Yes a lot of chicken, the meat here in Costa Rica is not all that good, and if you do find some good meat, it is usually expensive.
The other night we had another potluck on the dock of Land and Sea with some of the other cruisers here. As always we had a great time with laughts and lots of different food.
Jim and Connie from SV Sound Effect and  Don and Gayle from SV Permenently Temporary
Jerry and Becky and Denny from SV Kokomo
Well, it is getting close to the time for us to start heading back up the coast of Costa Rica to El Salvador for a couple of weeks then onto Mexico. So we really need to start getting our butts in gear, on the list is wash inside and out of boat, repair dinghy (again), provision, and fill fuel tanks (not looking forward to that expense). But for now, we are going to town to get some fresh bagetts and I am going to make Chicken Parmagaine for dinner (we got some fresh parm in David), and keep working on our puzzle.

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