Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting ready to leave Golfito!!

We have been working hard (some of the days) to get the boat ready for our 96 hour trip back up to El Salvador.  With the filters changed, water in the batteries, and all the other essentials in the engine room done all that is left is to provision in Paso Canoas ( the boarder town) on Tuesday, check out on Wednsday and after fueling up, we are out of here on Thursday.  We went to the Duty Free Zone here in Golfito last week and loaded up on our 12 bottles of liquer and 12 bottles of wine that we are allowd to buy, we also got a few other odds and ends that were cheaper there than paying the 100% duty that Costa Rica has. 

We excited and anxious about the trip up to Bahia Del Sol, this will be our longest passage yet 4 nights, but we are ready to be moving on.  We really enjoyed Bahia Del Sol and all of El Salvador the first time we were there, and are excited to return and see some of the friendly faces we met.  Bill and Jean from SV Mita Kulu are up there, and we will be waiting with them and a couple of other boats to head up to Mexico.  We have enjoyed our time here, but with our boat visa up on the 23rd it is time to leave. 

Tonight we are going over to Fishhook Restuarant to celebrate Mother's Day here in Costa Rica, but more importently we are celebrating Jerry's birthday (which is actually tomorrow the 16th)!!!!  There are not a lot of people here that we know anymore, but with the band that is going to be playing we should have a great time.  What a way to end our stay here.

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