Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Having Fun in El Salvado!!

Well we have been here in El Salvador for a couple of months waiting for the hurricane season to end so we can start heading up to Chaiapas Mexico.  We have done some boat projects, fixing the sun/rain shade after it got torn in the 60 knots winds that we had one night during a storm.  We have also started cleaning and reoiling the teak on the side rails, but for the last 8 days we have had none stop rain.  Here are some pictures of some of the activities that we have been doing.

Skeeter and I went running on the beach every morning, they is nothing better than the fresh salty air to wake you up.
 September 15th was El Salvadors Independence day, Jan along with the school children on the Island put on a parade with music, banners and hotdogs at the end.  There were many activities all over El Salvador with the next closest in La Harradura, that had a parade and festivities.

I have been helping Jan at the school teach english to the little kids.  There is school on the island up till grade 6th, but then after that they have to take "cayuca's" (little wooden canoes) across the estuary to the mainland for the higher grade schooling.  Most of the families on the island can not afford to send their children, or don't think it is important for them to go on to further their education.  Jan is trying to get more teachers to come to the island to further the education, but with all governments, it is a hard process. 

The kids were playing a word game, and of coarse Alex being in front
Talofa a tall ship from 1928 has been anchored in the estuary for a couple of months, Captian Cactas and Roni take out the ship for tours of the estuary for the hotel, and also have the island school kids aboard, where the whole crew dresses like pirates, the kids love it.  We have also had a few potlucks on Talofa, which makes sence since she is bay far the largest at Bahia Del Sol. 
John and Leanne from SV Red Sky

Jim from SV Against the Wind
Roni and Captian Cactus from Talofa
 We have gone out to the stilt restuarants in the estuary for some good ol fried fish.  Where you bring cooler of beer and enjoy a great afternoon.

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