Sunday, October 30, 2011

Going to Town!

Well we have been here in Puerto Chiapas for almost a week now and have really been enjoying ourselves.  The weather has been fantastic, warm with a slight breeze duing the day and cool with a slight breeze in the evening.  The only thing that I would complain about is in the marina the mosquitos are really bad in the eveing, but with enough spray and coils we are surviving.  On Tuesday morning we picked up SV Kona in the dinghy and went to the port captains office to check in.  After handing the lady all the paperwork, Guerrmo one of the managers of the new marina they are building, walked in and helped us with the paperwork.  The office was unable to do the money at the time so Guerrmo took us to the airport where the immigration office is to get our mexican visas.  After paying the migration officer 262 peso per person for the visa, Guerrmo drove us back to Puerto Madero where are dinghy was parked, and took us to a fabulous resturant for lunch.

After we took the dinghy back to the boat, SV Kona and SOMF moved our boats over to the marina.  Jim on SV Against the Wind was aready in the marina, we tied up the dock lines a couple of slips down from Jim.  Now the marina is not officially open yet, they have no water or power or trash survice but the no slip fee it was ok.  The marina wanted boats to start staying there so they could get pictures and just for them to get the word out that they were opening in Novemeber.  The marina has 40 slips and will have a 70 ton travel lift and haulout facility.  They are building a restaurant, a laundry service along with a couple of little stores.  The marina is a little out of the way to go to Puerto Madero, but a short dinghy ride across the bay and you are there.

Joan and Tim on SV Kona and us took a taxi into Tapachula the large town about 20 miles away.  The taxi there was 250 peso, but I think if we would have walked to the street and waited for a taxi we could have bargin for a better price.  We had a great time walking around the centro area of Tapachula going by the church and into the centro market.  We then took a 5 peso airconditioned bus to the Walmart center and got some groceries, and a quick jaunt across the street to Home Depot and then got a taxi for 150 pesos back.
The central park

The church!!

these three guys carry this everywhere, and they are really good!

and of coarse we had to check out the local street market, they do always have the best produce, and at the best price!
Jerry and I have gone over by dinghy to Puerto Madero a couple of times to get tacos at a little cart, we have been craving street tacos for a long time and I have to say for 6 pesos they are really good along with a 9 peso beer what else could you ask for.  The peso is at 13.00 peso to the dollar so 6 tacos and 4 beers for lunch we are paying $6.29 you can't beat that!

We always have to stop and have a couple of beers on the beach, this was one of our favorite places.. Brenditas, where Anna the waitress was always in a good mood, sometimes to good.

The gangs all here!!

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DK said...

Excellent recap of Chiapas! And you are correct, you can't beat $6.29.