Sunday, December 12, 2010

Los Muertos

After leaving La Paz, first we anchored in Caleta Lobos, which was a small anchorage about 10 miles away, we had a great evening watching the sunset and got ready for our 46 mile sail to Los Muertos.  The next morning we pulled anchor around 7:15 am and set sail for Los Muertos, going through the Lorenzo Channel we had a few dolphins riding our wave for about 20 minutes, as always it was a spectacular sight to see.  Later we finally hooked up a male dorado about 30 inches and 8 lbs, he wasn't a monster but he put up a good fight and we had dinner for that night. 

We arrived in Los Muertos around 3:50 pm with 4 other sailboats and 1 powerboat in the anchorage already.  SV Akupare was about 30 minutes behind us, once we set the hook, I took Skeeter to shore for some much needed running time.  This had to be one of the prettiest sandy beaches, the sand was so clean and soft, there is a resort in one side of the beach and a restaurant on the other side. 

While we have been at anchor Jerry has installed our new solar charge controller, or as Jerry calls it "the magic box", which ready how much the boats battery voltage, the solar panel amperage, and controller amperage output.  He also made water, polished the fuel tank, and sanded and oiled the teak the ships wheel while I washed the boat and cleaned the galley. 

Last night we went to dinner with SV Akupara, SV DeJa Vu to the1535 restaurant on the beach, we had a great evening and today we are getting SOMF for our 198 mile journey to Mazatlan.  This will be the longest trip we have taken since we have been in the Sea of Cortez.  SV Akupara, SV DeJa Vu, and SOMF will be taking off around 4pm and arriving 40 hours later in Mazatlan Harbor. 

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wilhitejeffrey said...

hey guys your google ads are gone. were they at its hard to give you money this way. any ways lots of rain up here. hope all is well and warm for you 4. have a safe trip its gonna be a long one so dont get streesed out. "that means you dad" lol love you sail safe call me if you get good internet