Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We have really been enjoying our time here in El Salvador and in Bahia Del Sol.  Between the 13 volcano's, the Ruins, the Coffee, the beautiful beaches and good surfing and especially some of the nicest people that you will ever meet, I know that El Salvador will soon be a very popular tourist destination.  But it is our time to head on.  There is one other anchorage in El Salvador and 2 main anchorages in Nicaragua that we will be skipping and heading straight to Costa Rica. We will be traveling 230 miles east to the anchorage of Bahia Santa Elena in Costa Rica.  This is where we are hoping to meet up with SV Windfall who left last Friday.  SV Varuna is also traveling down the same time as us, so it will be nice to know that there are other people.  We have one big task left, crossing the bar for the second time.  Our crossing coming into Bahia Del Sol was simple, so lets hope for a nice easy exit crossing.  The weather for the next three days look good, hopefully a little wind to do some sailing, but nothing to write home about.   Well we will catch up with you all in Costa Rica.

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