Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bahia Santa Elena!!

Well we left Bahia Del Sol El Salvador around 9am on Wednesday May 11th. We had an exciting bar crossing. Bill from Mita Kuuluu did not go out with Rajelio on the jet ski to guide us out so we do not have any pictures of the crossing, but we did get one good wave over the bow sprit. We had a great motor sail down to Bahia Santa Elena, it was about 236 miles in 46 hours. We did have a little storm the first night with winds up to 27 knots and about 2 hours of light rain. But the next night we had an easy passage, we hooked 2 sailfish and they both broke of the lures, we hooked one mexican barracuda who bite off the lure with its very sharp teeth, one jack corvell that we released and 3 dorado, one we kept, one we released because it was just a tad on the small side, and one large bull who broke free. So for the one good size bull dorado that we caught we lost 4 lures, well he sure better taste good for 40 dollars. It was all fun though, so no worries.

We arrived in Bahia Santa Elena around 8am Friday the 13th, SV Varuna arrived about 1 hour ahead of us and SV Windfall had been there for about 5 days. What and amazing anchorage, there was a large anchorage at the northern most part of an even larger bay. The water was about 82 degrees and clear, we had a great time snorkeling almost everyday. There were about 5 different hiking trails around Santa Rosa national park, with thousands of butterflies species, 5 different species of cats, and parrots, and even monkeys. We took a hike up to a waterfall that had small little pool at the very end that we all swam in. Sam brought a gold panning pan, which was fun; we even found a few little flakes.

Nancy, Skeeter and I went on a longer hike and saw about 5 monkeys up in the trees, it was awesome.

We took a few other hikes with the group; oh did I mention that we had a couple of heavy rains, so the trails became quite muddy.

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SVCuervo said...

I love keeping up with you guys on the blog. I'm sure you're having an amazing time! Life is GRAND!!