Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bahia Potrero!

We are here at Bahia Potrero, we pulled in on 3:30pm on Friday the 27th and dropped anchor.  This is a fairly large bay with two mooring fields that were full.  We anchored pretty much in the middle of the two fields, we get some rollers at night, but other than that it is not a bad anchorage.  The town of Flamingo is were the first marina was started on the pacific coast in Costa Rica, unfortunately it is no longer here.  We do not know the story behind where they closed it down, but now it is just a large open (protected) bay behind a brake wall.  The Coast Guard has taken it over, so you are not allowed to use the dock for you dinghy (not that there is really a dock left), but there is speculation that someday they might reopen a marina there.  Flamingo is a small community with mostly condos and high dollar hotels.  There is not much as the way of stores, but there are a few restaurants and bars.  We had lunch at Maria's in the Plaza, it was good, a little on the pricey side, but I think most of Costa Rica is that way.
What wonderful cruisers!!!

This mast is sticking out of the water right behind our boats.  They say it stands straight up at high tide, but we have not looked at it.  Sad, just hope when it happened no one was hurt!

The hotels overlooking the bay

more hotels and condos

Inside the old marina was what we think is left of a dredger, and the only thing still standing is the toilet.  Good ol china porcelain

Lots of iguanas running around

What a cool name for a bar, it was not open when we went by
As we were setting the anchor, I looked over and said to Jerry "I think it is another Island Trader", and sure enough there is another Island Trader right here moored in Potrero Costa Rica.  It is a little worse for wear, but it is still floating.  I does not look like anyone is living on it right now and possible getting some work done.  You can see that there is no booms, and at a closer look there are no windows either. 
Walking through the plaza Sam spotted a flier at a tour adventure booth.  After talking to the guy, he said the man that owned SV Vagabundo, was from Belgium and was an awesome surfer.  He does, or used to do these two night trip during the busy tourist season.  We did not get to meet him, but we gave the booth guy one of our cards, so hopefully we can meet via email.

Over looking SV SOMF ( in front) and SV Windfall our anchored in the bay!!
 We are getting ready to leave at 12pm to head 100 miles southeast to Bahia Ballena.  We have enjoyed Potrero anchorage, hopefully Ballena is just as calm. 

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! We've had so much fun cruising with Jerry and Loren...and Skeeter too! (the cat doesn't count for much).
Sam & Nancy - s/v Windfall