Sunday, December 4, 2011

Santiago Bay!!

After a last minute trip into town to say Happy Birthday to Sergio we pulled up anchor (by hand) and left Zihuatanejo around 4:30pm.
band practice out by the bus stop!!

Surgio gave Jerry these luers that he maks as a thank you gift.  We love Surgio, if you are going to Zihuatanejo go see Sergio at the resturant Valeria 2 on the malicon.  He know everything about that town!!
We pulled around Caleta De Campos anchorage at 8:15am the next morning, looking at the anchorage it was really rolly and a very deep anchorage, so we decieded to move on to Santiago Bay by Manzanillo which was about another 120.9 miles.  We had a great trip up to Santiago Bay, we went through two different shipping channels, so we had to keep our eyes open.  We arrived in Santiago around 8:10am and dropped anchor, we had plenty of places to anchor because we were the only boat in the large anchorage.  We got the dinghy into the water and took a trip around the bay, there is also a great snorkeling area of the beach.  In 1959, a category 5 hurricane caused a great deal of damage and loss of lives to many coastal towns in this area.  Included in the damage was the 300 foot, steel "San Luciano".  This cargo ship sustained damage and eventually sunk directly off the beach of La Boquita. 
Yummy dinner at a calm anchorage, Yeah!!
We love all the activities on the beach, and there were a lot!

brightly colored table tents up and down the beach
They had a protection over the area they called " The Aquarium" which had a large coral area!!

What you can see of the sunken ship above water

SV KONA arrived into Las Hadas in Manzanillo Bay two days later, which is about 4 miles around the bay.  One day we took the dinghy over to Las Hadas, so we could use the dinghy dock instead of beach landing in Santiago, and took the bus into Manzanillo for the day of shopping.  We had a great time, got a few provisions and then had a very long and wet dinghy ride back.  Yeah don't think we will do that again. 
wonderful produce market!!

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