Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

We spent Christmas and Christmas Eve on SOMF, having our share of really good food and listening to Christmas music!!  Christmas Eve morning, while trying to light the propain on the stove to make some coffee, we ran out of propain.  We were pretty nervious not knowing if we were going to be able to fill our propain bottles on Christmas Eve, but we had to try.  We halled the bottle down to the dinghy then up past the marina and out to where taxi's stood.  Ezequiel, our taxi driver who spoke great english, new right were to take us, and it was busy.  Everyone needs propain to cook Christmas Eve dinner, he informed us that tonight was the major celebration for Mexicans, then they sleep all Christmas Day cause of to much Tequila and Cerveza's.  After lugging the (now heavier) propain bottle back to the boat Jerry was able to make homemade Chicken Pot Pies, that were delicious, while we had "Becky's" Pain Killers and caught up on Burn Notice on the computer!!
 Christmas morning we woke up to a present under the tree left by Santa, yeah we were hoping he would figure out our GPS cordinance here in Mexico.  We know this bailey's was left by Santa cause it is way out of our cruising budget, so thanks Santa, we had a great morning drinking our coffe with baileys and listening to the morning nets. 
Our present awaiting us under our Christmas tree!!
 After watching a Christmas Story, a SOMF tradition it was time start cooking for dinner! 
Poor Jerry, I always make him and the animals wear the hats for pictures!!
 On Monday, Jerry and I want grocery shopping at Mega (the major market closest to La Cruz) and saw that they had Rib Eye cuts of steak, so we went back a couple of days later to get a roast.  We asked the meat counter man for a roast with two bones and he went back to the back and came out with two entire roast, we then tried to explain that we wanted about half of one of the roast with at least two bones in it.  He then started to cut away at the bones we quickly got him to stop that and again showed him where to cut and to wrap it up as is, no cutting the fat or bones away.  Finally with our poor spanish and the butchers lack of knowldge of American roast cuts, we  got our three bone in Standing Rib Roast!!  Christmas Day Jerry packed the roast in rock salt (the salt we found was  little smaller than rock salt, but worked) and boy did it turn out perfect!!

Our Christmas Table on SOMF!!!  We had the wonderful roast, along with green bean casserole, sweet potatoes with brown suger, garlic and cheese mashed potatoes, homemade pumpkin pie and plenty of vino!!!

Yes I made a pumpkin pie, and I have to say it turned out wonderful!!
 We enjoyed a wonderful night on the boat, with a wonderful sunset over the La Cruz anchorage!!

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Sam and Nancy said...

Your SOMF Christmas dinner looks Dee-licious! You both did a wonderful job making lasting memories (but still no Lauren pics!)
Happy Holidays from Windfall!