Saturday, December 10, 2011

La Cruz!!

After having a great couple of days swimming and kayaking around Santiago Bay we pulled up anchor around 1 am on the 7th to head the 152 miles to La Cruz in Banderas Bay.  We chose to leave at that time because we wanted to go around Cabo Corrientes at night time, due to this area having strong winds sometimes.  We had a great 31 hour motor up to Banderas bay, we did have to slow down once in the bay due to some cruise ship traffic and then fishing boats leaving in the morning.  We dropped anchor around 8:15am with about 20 other boats in the anchorage. 
love watching the turtles

anchorage and La Cruz marina

when we anchored there are tons of little bait fish jumping all over!!

After lots of hard work, Jerry has finally got the 1000w generator that Jerry's dad has given us working.  This has been a life saver for us since our big generator is not working...Thanks Jerry Sr.!!!!

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