Monday, April 4, 2011

Ruta de Las Flores Part 2

After the volcano we went up farther in the mountains to a little hotel in the middle of trees and of any beaten path.  It was awesome to feel the crisp cool (amost cold) air, we all even put on long sleeve and I even put on my longer capri pants to go to dinner.  We all had dinner down in the hotel dinning room, it was just our group in there, I think we kind of overwhelmed the wait staff.  The food was not bad, they did not have any shrimp, most of us had beef or chicken and that was pretty good.  But like the rest of the trip we all had a great time chatting, then went up to our rooms and had a great night sleep. 

The next morning after having breakfast at the hotel we got back in the van, but this time it was Ceser who was going to be our tour guide, and went up to the El Carmen Estate where there was a coffe plant. This is a forth generation family owned buisness, and I can't even to decribe how awesome it was.

After the coffee Jerry, myself, Tom and Carlyn went on the canapy zip lines, while the rest went and toured a small village.  There were 14 different zips, some of which were short and some of which were very long.  I have to say that it was one of the funnest things I have ever done.

After the exciting zip lines, Ceser and the rest of the group picked us up and we went and toured around Sonsonate.

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