Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trip to Phoenix, Arizona

Jerry and I are back from are short, but felt long, trip up to Phoenix to buy some boat parts at West Marine.  We left the marina parking lot at 6:00am, an hour at the boarder, and 30 minutes at target we arrived in Phoenix at 4:00pm and it was still 108 degrees.  We did some shopping at west marine getting a power inlet plug for the shore power cord and on the boat (the old one melted the neutral wire, and we were unable to find them in Guaymas), buying a few gallons of oil because it is cheaper than at Star Marine in San Carlos, and a few other odds and end.  We had dinner at a Chinese buffet, which was actually pretty good, and went back to our motel room at the Red Roof Inn, for a much needed good nights rest.  The next morning we headed back to Tucson, stopping in Casa Grande for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, which was my first time there...yum oh. We met up with Lee who is the owner of the boat next to us in the marina, to take some parts back down to Sammie his captain.  Did some more shopping at home depot, Jerry bought a kayak at sports authority, and a new dvd drive at best buy.  Then headed to Nogalis for some groceries that we are unable to get down in San Carlos and crossed the boarder, but after we got some McDonald's.  The boarder crossing was even easier going south, but probably helped that it was raining pretty hard.  But we had no problem at any of the stops, nice and easy trip back.

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