Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sayulita Mexico!!

To get you up to date on what is going on on SOMF, Jerry has been still working on the battery problem.  He has taken every cable off, and back on, checked terminals, checked the bildge pump, checked the solar panels and still can not seem to find where the 6.2 volts are coming from.  The Nigel Calder Book say to imagine your electrical system like a water system, you have a tank of water, the battery, pipes that are the wiring, valves are like switches, we should be seeing a pool of electricy laying in the bildge.
So while Jerry is working hard on the batteries and the watermaker that is acting up, I (not being the best of crew) have been having fun, I went to Sayulita which is a 30 minute, 2 bus rides town away.  It is a very large surfer town, so of caurse it seems right I go with a surfer. While he surfed I had a great time walking around this very new meets old hippy town, with an artist flare.
lots of surfing!!

Cool little town, but lots of tourist!!

the little church in the square
awesome produce stands!!

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