Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Boat Projects!!

While we have been here we have been trying to take care of some of the issues we are having on the boat.  Jerry went down in the engine room one afternoon after calling the Gillete Genorator Company trying to figure out why the the genorator is not genorating any power and why we had that black smoke.  Well we figured out that it was the fan on the back of the genorator and the set screw came loose and that allowed the fan to move forward into the coils causing it to freeze and producing black smoke.  Jerry put the set screw back in place of the fan, started the generator, no smoke but no power, so now we will have to have the whole genorator taken out (which ways 148 lbs) and have the the coils rewound.  So back to using the 1000 watt genorator, so thanks again Dad Wilhite for saving our butts!!

Trying to get the fan back in position to put the screw back in...

The genorator with the side panel off!!
We bought three 6 volt batteries off SV Blue Dolphin here in La Cruz, to add in line with the eight that we have already.  We are hoping that with this addition the solar panels will be able to keep up our house battery bank over night. 
Starboard battery bank of the original 4 batteries

Port side battery bank with the addition of the new battery
When adding the new batteries and new cables that Jerry made up, he got a spark of electricity off of one of the battery terminals (when there should not have been any volts running through).  After testing and testing and more testing of all the batteries and connections we still have a 6.2 volts comming off the ground when all the batteries are disconnected.  We are going to have to do some research of this problem, and will keep you up to date on the prognosis. 
Making som new wire cables for the battery banks

Ta Da!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jerry,

Bummer about the generator, hopefully you can find a good shop to get you a cheap rewind. As for the batteries, if you had 8 and added 3, now you have an uneven number, is that your problem? Probably not, but I had to ask. The cables look great, much nicer than the hammer crimped ones I made. Have you gone through the electrical panel and tried turning everything off to see if you can isolate the short? Good luck, and if you get frustrated, just watch the sun set and enjoy the great location to be working on this problem.

Dan SV Akupara

Sailor Jerry said...

Hey Dan or should I say Dad? Awesome news! Anyway I only used 2 of the batterys so that isn't it but I will find the problem no matter how many beers it takes.

Anonymous said...

That is the right attitude! Be sure and get a flan when you go to Tacos on the Street!