Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Puerto Jimenez

June 15th

After having a nice time in Drakes Bay, we left at 4:00am on the 12th to head 68 miles to Puerto Jimenez which is one of the anchorages in Golfo Dulce.  We had a great motorsail, put up the jib and even had a couple of fish bite, but nothing caught.  We arrived around 1:50pm to a calm anchorage, SV Windfall was already anchored, so we motored around trying to find a shallow, but not to shallow spot.  The anchoring here can be tricky due to the bottom shoals quickly ( there is a large shallow spot around and then drops off into deep water), but after a couple of trys we finaly anchored in 10ft (at low tide) of water and set the hook well.  We stayed on the boat that evening and decided to go to shore tomorrow to check out the town. 
Puerto Jimenez anchorage ( I know it looks really foggy, but it really wasn't that bad)

Puerto Jimenez is the largest town on the Osa Peninsula and was once famous for its gold, now the gold comes from tourism.  We had a great time walking up through town, past a couple of schools, soccor fields, many resturants, banks, bars, and supermakets.  We had lunch at an outdoor resurants (which most of them are here in Costa Rica), unfortuently I have not been to excited about the food here, Gallo Pinto, the national dish of fried rice and black beans, is good, but I don't want it at every meal.  I tries to have the Shrimp Salad which was a little on the more expensive side, but I needed a break from rice and beans, and unfortuently it was not good at all, I shoule have stuck with the rice and pork dish Jerry got which was good, luckely the beers were cold. 
I love all the planters

The school

The beach at really low tide, Skeeter loved playing here!

The last day and night we had some heavy rains with some wind up to 20knots, we felt like our anchore was dragging, so we stayed up to do watches.  In accuallity I do not think that we drug at all, just that the wind turned us into possitions that we haven't been in before. 

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