Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Montezuma Waterfall!!

There are a few small towns around Bahia Ballena anchorage.  The closest town is Tambor, a short walk either on the road of on a trail near the beach will take you to the small town center where there is a supermarket, a hardware store and a small school and church.  A large town is about a 20 minute bus ride, the town of Cobano.  Here you can get your larger supermarkets and hardware stores.  Then if you keep on that bus about 8 km more you reach Montezuma which is a cute little yuppie-hippy type of place.  Lots of surfers and little stores and lots of restaurants, this is a major tourist hangout.  There is a hike to waterfalls that is a must see.  Now since it is rainy season it can be a little dangerous, but everyone still does it.  There are three waterfalls as you go up, we went to the first one, and stopped there, the other two looked a little harder to get to. 

there were some difficult spots that you had to get over...where do we go Jerry?

Just a little snake going down the sidewalk

going up the fence trying to get into the garden

what a bright crab

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