Wednesday, February 9, 2011

La Cruz to Bahia Chamela

We left La Cruz around 7:15 am heading 96 nm south to Bahia Chamela.  We had pretty lite winds heading out in the am, but around noon or so we were able to put up the mizzen sail and jib which helped add a little speed.  Unfortunately the bottom of the boat has not been cleaned since up in Escondito, so it was starting to build up with growth and slowed us down a knot or so, we ended up averaging only 4.2 knots which made fro a much longer trip that if we did your normal average of 5knots.  Other than our speed going a little slow we had a great overnight, we arrived in Chamela around 12:30 pm on Thursday.  The anchorage was a little rolly and we were not able to find a place that was going to have the Super Bowl game on, so we decided to leave on Saturday and head south to the next anchorage Bahia Tenacatita. 
A whale, I know I can not get any good pictures, but I will keep trying

We hooked all three lines with Jack Crevalle's, one released itself, another took out the whole spool of line along with lure, and one we were able to get onto the boat, but then we released him, not very good eating

Sunrise, but it was pretty overcast until about noon

Chamela anchorage

Skeeters little buddy in town, we almost took him home with us...yeah like that is what SOMF needs another animal
Perula,the town by the anchorage, is a small with one main street with a couple of restaurant's, and a couple of little shops.  Surprisingly it did have three small hotels and a couple of trail parks where people set up to live in the winter time.  Now being back on the Pacific side of mainland Mexico we are having to surf land our dingy, which is always an adventure.  We did meet SV 4 Our Play who showed us a great and easier way to get our dingy up on the sand since we do not have dingy wheels.  They used a couple of children's balls in a bag or a 2 litre soda bottle filled with water and shoved it under the keel and pulled up on the dingy and it rolled right over.  Have tried a 2 litre soda bottle and a fender and they both work great. 
Skeeter playing in the surf

We sat at a palapa restaurant for a while, another group started a soccer game, I tried to get Jerry to play

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