Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still in La Cruz!

Jerry and I have been having a great time here in La Cruz, taking the bus into Puerto Vallarta to do some boat projects.  The biggest project has been the bilge pump.  We needed to get a new bilge pump, the old one still works but since the switch to automatically turn off the switch needs to be replace we decided to replace a new bilge pump.  The old switch would not turn off so it would be on all day running down the batteries and the pump would stay on running.  The project was a little bigger than what we expected.  But after two days of hard work from Jerry, and I helped a little, and a couple of trips to the very expensive Zaragoza marine store we have finish and have two working bilge pumps.   
Jerry and Shiraz working on the bilge
 I took a bus with Marie from SV Day Ja Vu to Bucerias which is 3.5 miles east of La Cruz.
Church in Bucerias

Tons of tourist shops  "the best junk" as they all say!!

Colorful bridges

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