Friday, October 15, 2010

Trying to get ready!

Jerry and I are still plugging away at boat project trying to get ready to leave in a week or so.  Jerry has been busy installing our SSB radio that he got on eBay.  He did a great job hooking up  all the wiring from the radio control in the salon to the main box in the aft cabin and then that going up through the deck to the antenna tuner mounted on the aft deck.  Unfortunately when all this was done and he turned it on it did not work, it would come up with a message in the screen "powering up, wait a moment", well he waited 24 hours and nothing happened.  So Jerry and John went into Guaymas to go find a Icom radio place that could maybe fix the problem.  There were three places recommend to us by other cruisers, so Jerry went to one that seemed very credible.  We printed off the 91 page service manual and he dropped it off, they said it should be ready in 2 days, but that could turn into 2 weeks here in Mexico.  So hopefully it will be ready and fixed on Saturday, then on Monday we can have Randy finish by taking the antenna up the mast. 

I was supposed to go diving with Marco on Catchalota, but unfortunately something came up for him.  But it all worked out because I say Jenny while out walking Skeeter and ended up going into Guaymas on the bus with her to do some shopping.  Had a great time, but need to remember for next time to go earlier, on our way back at 2:30pm the bus was packed with school kids, I got a seat part way, but Jenny had to stand almost all the way back to the marina.  On Friday I need to start getting serious about cleaning and organizing for our departure.  After being on the dock for so long things have been out of place and we seemed to have accumulated a lot more things, that we probably don't need and definitely don't have room for.  So each day we are getting more excited about leaving and we keep plugging away at our projects, I think we are down to just a few big ones now.

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