Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nogales Arizona!!!

Well Jerry and I left 6:30am this morning to go up to the states to pick up some items with a very easy trip across the boarder. We needed to pick up some boat parts and some other mail that we had shipped to us at San Xavier Mexico Insurance Co. also known as Mexico Bob by the locals in San Carlos.  It is a place right across the boarder from Nogales Mexico that accepts mail and packages from places in the US, then people from San Carlos, Guaymas and Alamos areas can come up every so often to bring back down.

Jerry ordered a generator starter motor, and is hoping we can get the old one fixed somewhere in Guaymas to have as a back up.  When we get back this weekend it will be all work and no play for Jerry as we install the starter, and need to tighten up the belt on the genorator water pump.  Then hopefully with the engine room done we will be able to go out to take some test runs to make sure the generator does not act up anymore.  And that the oil leak gasket behind the fuel pump on the engine is completely taken care of so we can leave later this month for baja to start our journey down south.

Jerry also got a great deal on eBay for a SSB (single side band radio), this was something that we have been watching for, for awhile.  He attempted to buy one on eBay a couple of months ago but unfortunately was out bid at the last minute.  But he got it this time, after opening up the packing box, it looks like the radio is to be in great shape, it is Icom M800, Jerry already had the antenna and antenna tuner that is needed.  So another project to perfect when we get back, this one will take a little more thought and effort.  We have been brainstorming with many other cruisers on how to do the install. Due to the fact that part is outside and part inside, so a couple of holes will have to be drilled for the tuner wires to go to the radio itself.

While in Nogales, AZ we have taken advantage of getting some things that we have not had in awhile.  We had a great dinner at China Buffet, which ended up being one of the best chinese buffets that I have ever been to, and we also went to Walmart and Dollar Tree.  Tomorrow a few more trips to some store and breakfast somewhere we will be head back down to San Carlos.  Short but productive trip to the States.

Well tonight going to stay in our lovely Motel 6 with a sink full of beer and watch the first game in the series of the SF Giants and Atlanta Braves....GO GIANTS!!!!

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