Thursday, July 1, 2010

A few more events that we went to in San Carlos!!

Here is a recap of some other festivities that have gone on in San Carlos sense we have been here. After we got back from our trip up and down the Sea of Cortez, Semana Santa (Saints Week) was quickly approaching. The partying began on Wednesday and went through Sunday; the town of San Carlos got an extra 80,000 people (according to the Guaymas news paper) throughout those three days. The beaches were packed during the day with families from grandparents to great-grandchildren.

Then at nightfall the streets came alive with trucks and cars full of at least 8-12 people all pilled in to cruise the streets.

 Pacifico venders on every corner with all sorts of taco stands and burritos up and down the sidewalks. Jerry, myself, Frank and Cheryl (S/V Serendipity) and John (S/V Magus) all walked up and down the streets on Friday night, dancing and had a great time. Everyone was so fun and respectful, just wish some of the events in the States were this well organized and fun.

My birthday was April 4th and on the Wednesday before there was a shrimp festival in Guaymas for the celebration of the last cruise ship this season.

There were different restaurants with samples of shrimp dishes and lots of street venders selling various gifts, with a couple of different entertainment stages. It was a great day to celebrate my 28th birthday.

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Sailor Jerry said...

If you look close at the last pic Lauren is the girl in the Yellow on the right