Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunset by the Soggy Peso bar

Well, my dad made it down with the Jeep! Finally we have transportation. Unfortunately he is leaving this afternoon, I wish he could stay atleast another week. The bus from Guyamas to Stockton only runs once a week but for only $140 one way you can't beat it. It's a 21 hour trip but the busses are less than 3 years old and all Volvos or Mercedes and the seating is like first class in a plane. Plus you get to stop every hour or so and get off the bus to stretch you legs, maybe not as often in the states, I have only taken it as far as Tucson. Anyway, yes this is an advertisement to get some of you down to see us, the weather will be getting warm very soon and hot as hell right after so call me to plan a stay.

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