Saturday, June 18, 2011


Land and Sea !!

Don't worry, Jerry is not cheating on Skeeter, Tim and Katie have 5 dogs, this is Riley!

The kitchen, and the club house is above, where beers and soda purcheses are on the honer system, pretty neat!!

We row to the dinghy dock, look how close we are!!

After a 2 hour trip across the Golfo Dulce we entered Golfito, the hub of South Costa Rica. This protected prot used to be banana central. The Company United Brands ( AKA "LA Yunai ) built schools, recruited doctors, police, and raised the standards of living. United Brand which started in 1938, suffered from falling banana prices and in 1985 bailed out. Now Golfito is working its way back, with marinas, fuel docks, all save in a protected estuary. Where we are Land and Sea which is run by Tim and Katie or Land and Sea is aquiped with water, internet, dingh dock, and morring balls for $8 a day. They have special servieces for an extra price when needed.

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