Monday, April 2, 2012

San Carlos!!!

We have been here in San Carlos for 2 weeks now and are having a great time catching up with old friends, and making new ones.  Unfortuently my camera got stollen on St. Patricks day at the Captains Club, so I do not have any pictures.  But we had a great night on St. Paddy's day hanging out with our friends, we have also gone to Guaymas a few times, and hung out at Ruby Wine Bar.  We are also getting the boat ready to be put on the hard, we have taken down the sails and halyards, washed the covers and lines, taken down the bimini and started to stow things down below.  Jerry and I are taking the bus up to Tucson on April 3rd to bring back my car that my parents are driving down from Stockton, an it just will happen to be my birthday, we will stay the night and come back to San Carlos on the 5th.  We have a haul out date on the 9th, and will head home on the 11th, things are going fast here, but we are excited to head home. 

It has been two years, six months and seven days since we have left the slip at River Point Marina in Stockton Californa.  We have travel 7161 nautical miles (plus some when going in and out of anchorages), which is 8235 miles, and have seen 4 countries, and wow what a trip.  But the time has come to go and see our friends and family back in Stockton, who we miss and are very excited to see.