Monday, September 27, 2010


Yesterday Jerry, Skeeter and myself along with some other cruisers, John sv magus, Kate and Dan sv akupara, and Randy and Jenny sv mystic went for a hike up Nacapule Canyon.

The morning turned out to be a great day for the hike, and once we got into the canyon because of the rain for our storm last week there were many water pools. 

When we reached the Y in the canyon, we decided to go to the left, which is not as long, but has a lot more pools of water.  The first pool of water had a lot of dirt and leaves but was the largest by far, to go further up, you had to climb a rope that conveniently left there to help you up and down the rock.

Unfortunately we were unable to get Skeeter up so Jerry stayed down below with him while the rest of us went up.  There were about 4 more pools up on top, which is what started the waterfall down to the large pool of water below.  I dropped my camera case in one of the smaller pools of water so Randy and Jenny decided to go in and get it...I think they wanted to go swimming anyways, but thanks for retrieving it. 

poor skeet wondering why he can't get up there!
Kate, Dan and Jerry by the first large pool
Skeeter and I saw some frogs and snakes by the pools, Skeeter wanted to play, but that was not my idea of fun. 

We also saw some seed pods that were on a palm tree, Randy tried the inside of one, but not quit sure what they were, very interesting anyways.

There was much green vegetation and some nice flowers growing due to the recent rain, much more lively than the last time Jerry and I went through. 

Jenny and John practicing their balance
Skeet looking handsome as ever!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Washing Machine

Jerry got our new washing machine installed into the closet in the v-birth.  This was one of the items that he picked up while he was up in Stockton earlier this month.  We found a great deal at walmart online, and as long as it was shipped to a walmart in the States there was free shipping, so we could not resist.  The brand is a Haier, it is 17" by 17" by 20", and is 1 cubic foot, so it fits perfectly inside the closet  The plumbing when relatively smooth also, because this closet was already plumbed for a machine to fit into.  Jerry hooked a T into the ice maker cold water line, and added a hose into the hot water and used a Y valve to control water into the washing machine.  Only one hole was drilled into the forward head wall for a hose to be brought through to drain into the sink. We have already done about 5 loads of laundry and it works great, we can get about 5 shirts and a pair of shorts, or a couple of towels or it will do one set of bed sheets.  The only things is with the humidity in San Carlos right now, it takes a long time for the cloths to get all the way dried while hanging outside, but that is a small price to pay for the convenience. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tropical Storm Georgette...she's coming!

While I was out feeding the horses this morning a few rain drops started falling on my head, which is much needed here in San Carlos.  Jerry called and said he was going to put out some more lines on SOMF for the fact that Georgette might me coming our way.  At 8am she was 30 miles south of Cabo San Luca moving north toward the Sea of Cortez.  Hopefully we get some rain, but for the big storm to dissipate by the time it gets here tomorrow.

Oh...The Fun of The Ranch!!

While Jerry has been working on the boat, installing the washing machine and other odds and ends, I am still out at the ranch encountering the wonders of living in the desert of Mexico.  I have had a crossing with a snake, luckily not a rattlesnake, but still a snake all the less.  I did have a low point on the job, a 33 year old horse has been laid to rest.  Everyone know it was coming, but it was still a rough day for me and all the other horses on the ranch.  Thanks to some very helpful ranchers and Jerry, it turned out to go very smoothly and with little crying, from the horses of coarse.
 I have also seen a scorpion out in the hay barrels and the most recent animal encounter was a very large toad that was in the stalls while I was blowing out the hay from the walkway.  I have contacted a Kristin, who is the local dog care center owner, and asked some questions about them being poisonous to dogs.  I have also tried to do some research on the internet comparing the pictures and from what I can find I think they are "Bufo Marinus" and here the locals call them "Sapos".  They seem to be poisonous if licked or ingested, but Kristin thinks that if you flush the dogs mouth with lots of water it should flush the poison out.  I have not had any problems with the dogs and them, but I am keeping my eye out for them.

Now don't get me wrong, we are all have a great time out here also.  Skeet loves playing with the dogs, and the little horse (sorry don't remember his name).  I am getting about 5 eggs a day from the chickens, so I have been giving them away to some of the cruisers because I can't not eat them all, and Jerry is not here for breakfast. 

Viva Mexico! Viva la Independencia!

Last week was the 200th anniversary of the beginning of it's war of independence in September 1810.  Jerry and I did not go to any of the festivities in Guaymas becaus I am staying at the ranch and Jerry is busy working in the engine room getting ready to leave for Conception Bay in the middle of October.  But here is a website explaining all the festivals in Mexico City!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 5 at the Ranch!!

I don't have a lot to update on, Jerry should be home this evening from his long 18 hour drive from Stockton California, and I am on day 5 at the ranch.  Skeeter and I are loving taking care of all the animals on the ranch.

we even have a pony!
Ruby and a friend
Skeeter love to help feed!

I have met some of Dianes friends that have come by to see their horses that they bored here, and some other ranchers who come by to take them out to be worked.  With their lack of english and my lack of spanish you can only imagine the conversations, but we are able to get the message across.  Both Joel and Miguel have been very friendly and helpful with any questions that I have had about the horses, I definitely need to work on my spanish if I ever want to have a ranchers life here in San Carlos or anywhere in Mexico. 
But to say the least we have a full ranch, and I love it here, it is nice to get off the boat and hang out here for two weeks.  I get up every morning to feed all the horses and clean out their stall's, and don't forget we have chickens, a lamb, 4 dogs, 4 cats, and birds here also.  I definitely am getting my workout in the mornings!
But don't think it is all work, I love sitting out on the palapa in the evenings reading a book or just enjoying the view of San Carlos. 

Welcome Baby Jacob Wilhite!!!

Jerry went up to Stockton to meet the new arrival of his newest grandson Jacob Adair Wilhite, who was born on September 2nd 2010.  While he has been gone nothing new has been going on here in San Carlos.  It rained the second night Jerry was gone, which was a much needed rain for this area.  Other than that the weather has been hot, hot, hot, there has been no tropical storms brewing down south, so no weather problems to worry about while he is gone.  I did go to a beach party with about 6 other cruiser boats, Kate and Dan on Akupara picked me up with there dinghy since Jerry is still trying to get our outboard motor working.  Speaking of motors, Jerry did end up taking the outboard up to Stockton with him to have his brother, who is a motor mechanic, to work on keep our fingers crossed.  Jerry also is picking up a washing machine for the boat, I know what you are thinking, really you need a washing machine.  But Karen and Paul on Gigi have one, and when were found out the price in 17 washes it will have been paid for.  So I can't wait to see it, hopefully it will fit and be installed without a lot of problems.
I am starting to ranch sit for some friends of Jerry and mine who are going to Italy for 3 weeks.  They have 11 horses, 4 dogs, 4 cats, 2 parakeets, and a dozen or so chickens, so it should be a new adventure for me.  I will be taking care of the place by myself for 5 days, before Jerry gets back from the states.  Can't wait to start cruising next month, Mick and Tracy on Quatro Viento are back from there summer trip to Europe, and I had them over for dinner with some other friends and it was exciting to start talking about this fall.  Just hope Jerry was able to get the parts he needed for the generator, then for the most part we should be good to go in the engine room.