Sunday, July 25, 2010

Power Control!

Just a few things Jerry has been installing to control the voltage on the boat.
First he installed a volt meter to check the condition for the 24 volt batteries on the deep freezer that we installed last year. We have not had really any problems, but sometimes it dose run all night, so this is just a way to make sure it is charging.

Second he tried to install a 110 volt meter to monitor shore power, but unfortunately upon installation it got a short and burned up. This was the main one we wanted do to the power problems the docks have once in a while. Either there will be a total power surge or sometimes it is low voltage, like 50 volts. This has caused us some problems with some of our electronics, i.e. it messed up our television.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jerry bought a speargun, spear pole, weights and dive belt from Adam on "Estrella" right after we got back from our trip up north.  Comparing the prices on the individual items, we came to find that Jerry go a really good deal on them.  Got to love cruisers trying to sell their boats.  Now we can't wait till we get to go out again and use them....we just need our dingy motor working.

Buddy Boating to Los Cocinas!!!

Well I know I have been slacking in the blog posts lately, but here I go again to try to catch everyone up to date. Well we took another trip up to Los Cocinas, this time we buddy boated with “Osprey III” are friends Joe and Diane and their family.

 Jerry and I left about 7:30am on Monday morning and motored up the coast to the anchorage, and yes of coarse fishing the whole way. The trip was a little rough at times, and no fish again, but we made it up there about 1pm or so, the other boat was already there, so we anchored a little farther in the middle this time, but still a great anchorage.

The dingy motor took a dump again, so after Joe came over and him and Jerry worked on it for about 2 hours we decided to give up.
 So need to say Jerry and I got a lot of arm exercise going to the beach and back. Skeeter and I went to the beach to meet up with the rest of the group for a while and we had dinner over on Osprey III the first night.

The next morning everyone came over to the boat for Jerry’s famous eggs and green chili breakfast, the food was great, but it was really rolly from the large swells coming in, one of the girls got sea sick on our boat and had to go back to the other boat and lay down. Then that afternoon everyone went to the beach and snorkeled and swam and Skeeter rolled in every dead animal out there, he kept bringing everyone bird bone and wings, it was actually very cute, they would throw them away and he would bring them back. We had dinner over on Joes boat again that night, he made his famous soup, it is a mexican meatball soup, so, so good. Joe set out his crab traps earlier that afternoon so they went to go pick them up that evening, unfortunatly the crabs were all female and small, so we threw them all back, Trever also went diving for some small oysters, but they still tasted good.

The next morning the other boat went back, but we decided to stay another day, we went back to the beach and hiked all over and of coarse swam and snorkeled. Jerry saw an eel, but unfortunately we do not have any kind of underwater camera so not pictures, sorry.

 That night I made my curry chicken and tied everything down so we could leave early the next morning. We went about 25 mile out towards the middle for some better fishing, but all we caught was 2 skip jacks, that are not good eats, and 3 Crevalle jacks, unfortunately they are not good eats either. All three fish hit right at the same time, so we must have gone through a small school of them.
The largest was about 30lbs or so and the others were about 20lbs, they put up a fight, we had to put the boat in neutral and it took Jerry and I about 1 hours to get all three poles in and the fish off, so it was still fun to catch them. We got back around 1pm and Joe was there to help tie of to the dock, which was good since it got a little windy. We hooked the lines and took naps, it was another great trip, can’t wait to do it again when Steve gets here!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wal-Mart and Sam's Club!!!

Guaymas, Mexico finally got a Wal-Mart and a Sam’s club, Jerry and I have gone a few time to the Wal-Mart. I do not think it is anything that we will ever really go to, there is a large supermarket called Soriana that is much more reasonably priced and just as good if not better quality. On Saturday the 10th we went to the Sam’s club for the first time, it was nice for provisioning for the trip we are taking up to Los Cocinas on Monday, but again nothing great. The Sam’s club’s in Mexico are not by the same corporation as the ones in the States, so very different prices and quality, but they did have good deals on paper products and some other bulk items. But the best thing was in the parking lot, not only do the handicap get special parking in the front, but also pregnant women do also. Now not that I have anything against having babies, even though it is not for me, but this is so Mexico, as long as you are having lots of babies you get special parking, or are they also saying they are disabled??? You decide for yourself!

Here Fishy Fishy

Thursday July 8th, Jerry and I went out with Bryan on “Margarita 4” for a day of fishing. The weather was a little rough, but worth it we had a blast. We saw 4 or 5 marlin, my first one I have ever seen except in pictures, and a couple of sailfish, which is really need to see live. Unfortunately we did not catch any, we did have one hookup, but never caught. But thanks to Bryan we had so much fun, he is truly an awesome fisherman. If anyone who is reading this blog and has a chance to come down to San Carlos for some fishing, I definitely recommend Margarita Charters, you will definitely get your moneys worth, he is a young determine man.
On another note, it was my 9th day of my master cleanses detox, and after4 hours of fishing, and watching the boys eat and drinking some beers, I gave in. I was a little disappointed that I did not make it all 10 days, but nine is a great achievement. Needless to say it was a great day, I love being out on the water, even if I never catch a fish, it is always a great day if you are out!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!!

I know it is a couple days late, but just wanted to wish everyone a happy (late) 4th of July. While Jerry worked on the outboard motor in the afternoon I started making a pasta salad (the same one Dar made for us when she was here), and also got some plates, utensils, beer (even though I have been on a detoxify and no eating or drinking for the last 7 days), and all the other things we need for the bond fire party on the beach with some other cruisers. Jerry, myself, Skeeter went to pick up John (sv magus) on his boat and headed over the bay to the beach were there were probably about 20 –25 cursers there. We had a blast, Bob and Pracilla, on sv Serenidy, supplied all the hotdogs and buns.

 We brought our own condiments and some chips and salsa as well as the pasta salad to share. We had got a large fire going for the weenie roast and also some fireworks, which consisted of some flair guns being shot off. The weather was perfect, with just a slight breeze to keep the mosquitoes away, but not to windy were it was not comfortable.

 The party went on till about 11pm which we packed up the dingy and headed back across the bay to drop off John. And of coarse, the motor would not start, after a few pulls it fired up, but half way across the motor started running on one cylender, we all knew this was not good. Well we made it to John right as it died and would not start again, so I ended up rowing us back to SOMF, luckily not windy and not to far. All in all it was a great evening and we met some really awesome cruisers that we hope to see next season cuising down the sea.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fishing Tournament

The 63rd International Billfish Tournament was this weekend July 1st through the 4th. Unfortunately Jerry and myself did not enter do to not planning ahead enough, but 17 boats signed up on the 1st. On Thursday was the signup and free tecate beer for 4 hours. Friday morning at 7am Skeeter and I watched the boats heading out to the Sea for the tournament. We did hear that the weather was really rough out there do to Hurricane Alex comming across southern Mexico from the Gulf.On “Reel Steel” one angler caught a 64.2 lbs Tuna, which was the only tuna of the day. There we about 6 dorado caught ranging from 22lbs to 26.7lbs. There we also about 3 or 4 marlin and Sailfish released, only can bring in marlin if they are over 100lbs, or you loose points.

On Saturday the tournament was canceled do to unsafe seas. There were 9 foot seas with 18-30 knots wind.

Sunday the tournament continued, only one tuna was caught that was brought in to be weighed, and some marlin and sailfish. The weather was still really rough out in the sea, but all in all it was a good tournament. Hopefully Jerry and I can do one this summer, maybe the Cantina Cup in October, should be really fun.

Sorry no pictures of fish, did not have my camera at the weigh-in.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Oh the troubles with outboards!!!

So today Jerry, myself and John (S/V Magus), were going to go to Empalme which is 15miles southeast of Guaymas to go to the tiengies that are supposed to be much larger than the one in Guaymas. Upon trying to start the outboard motor, it would not start…again, which we have been having problems with since Jerry has had the dingy motor.

 Back in Stockton we were having problems with it and Greg (Jerry’s brother), who is a mercury marine mechanic looked at the motor and adjusted a few things and it started working again. It was still hard to start, but at least it ran, but then more recently here in San Carlos we have been having problems with it again. We did have a friend of ours Sammie, who knows a lot about motors look at it and he rebuilt the carburetor, which we were able to purchase a repair kit from Star Marine, our local Chandlery. Jerry also tightened the spark plugs and the motor was running like new. So that brings us to today, after trying to get it started for about 2 hours, Jerry decided to take the carburetor apart again, he wanted to check the fuel float level. This is where the fuel goes in and when there is enough it stops any more fuel from coming in. Finding out the fuel float level was off by quite a bit. In the process he did snap the choke in half but that is fixable, and we can always have his brother order us a new one, which you shouldn’t even really need to start the motor.

After adjusting the fuel float level and putting some grease on an area that did not move right, he reinstalled the carburetor and after a few pulls it finally started.

He then did some fine adjustments while the motor was running, and took the dingy out for a test run and it now runs better then ever. Hopefully for good, or at least until all of our travels this month with friends and family.

 As for the tiengies in Empalme there is always next Sunday.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cheri, Lyn, Mike and Dar's trip down

To bring us all up to date now, Jerry’s sister and husband and another couple came down to visit from Colorado June 10th through the 19th. We had a great time; we took the boat up to Las Cocinas for three days. We left the 13th around 9:30am and had a great trip up, trying to fish the whole way, but caught nothing. We arrived in the anchorage around 2:30pm and right away Mike, Jerry, Dar and myself jumped in the water. The water was so clear and warm, you could see all the way down the chain to the anchor. Los Cocinas (The Kitchens) had a small dirt road lead over the hill for hiking and a tiny little fishing camp with about 3 or 4 little shacks. We had a great time snorkeling, swimming and seashell searching. The only thing was there were tons of bees, they were looking for fresh water which they could find coming out of our ice chest. Cheri (Jerry’s sister) did get stung, but luckily not two bad, the rest of us were just annoyed by them. The first night was really rolly, but the next morning Jerry and Lyn put out the stern anchor and the next night was much better. The generator started acting up again not putting out any power, so we did have to start the motor every so often. We left the morning of the 15th and had a great trip back, again not enough wind to sail, and no fish, but till a great trip.

The next day I took Cheri and Dar to the tiengies (open flee market), and el centro to do some gift shopping. This was fun, especially since they are both used to going to Cabo San Luca for vacations. Jerry, Mike and Lyn went out on Margarita five fishing boat that Wednesday also, but again no fish, but not for lack of trying.
We went and had lunch at La Manga in a fish village toward the end of San Carlos, on the way back stopped and had some beers at Soggy Peso Bar.

They all left on the 19th and now Jerry, Skeeter, Shiraz and I are just waiting for our next adventure.