Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Our friends Bill and Jean on SV Mita Kulu took a trip up to the town of Tequilla with is about 6 or so hours towards Guadalajara ( which is a trip that we would love to do, but don't know if we will be able to.)  Bill has been aging tequilla in his bildge for the past couple of years, and the other night we went over there for a taster test of his 3 year old tequilla.  WOW, that is all I can say, it has a great taste, smooth yet with a hint of smokiness to it.  Well after talking to Jerry about the process and how to start with the three (2 litter) barrels, and fill them up, then as they age they eveporate and you add the tequilla from the frist barrel to the second and then fill the first barrel with new tequilla.  You have to do this about every month or so.  Jerry had Bill bring back 2, 2 litter, barrels and 10 litters of tequilla so Jerry can start making his own aged tequilla.

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