Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Having fun in La Cruz with Cheri!!

On Monday the 27th of February Cheri (Jerry's sister from Colorado) came for a week visit.  We pulled the boat into the marina for the week, so Cheri could stay on the boat with us, and we did not have to worry about going back and forth on the dinghy out in the anchorage.  Jerry and I took the bus to the airport in Puerto Vallarta to pick her up, first and formost we had to stop for a beer, then went to walmart to pick up a few goodies for the boat. That night was the Pacific Rock Band at Ana Banana's, so of coarse we had to go listen to them.  We were going to only stay for a while, thinking Cheri would be tired, we ended up staying the whole night and had a great time.
Dancing on the pole!!

Greg and Cheri
We had such a good time with Cheri, we first took the bus to Sayulita to hang out on the beach for the day.
Jerry and Cheri waiting for the bus on the side of the freeway!!

awesome day at the beach!!

A truck load of a large fruit (I can not remember the name), but we tried them and they were not too bad!!
The next day we took a walk on the beach to Buccarias from La Cruz, the walk was about 40 minutes.
The church in Buccarias
One afternoon we took another bus to Puerto Vallarta to do all the tourist things, like shop, shop, shop.  But of coarse we had to stop at some of Jerry and my favorate place for a cold beer.  I forgot my camera this day, but Jerry says I have plenty of pictures of PV in past blogs.
On Thursday we took SOMF out with Tim and Linda ( a canadian couple that we met in La Cruz). Peggy (another canadian that we met), JC (who works at Ana Banana Bar) and Cheri, Jerry and myself.  We cast off the lines around 9am and came back into the marina around 3pm, we had a great afternoon out on the water.  Unfortuently we did not see any whales out by the Tres Maria Islands like we were hoping, but we did see some dolphins and had great weather, we even put the sails up.
Shiraz enjyoing the sun!!

Tim out on lookout for whales!!

Cheri and Linda on fishing patrol...no fish the whole day :(

JC...What are you doing??

a fleet of 420 sailboats out for the afternoon!!

JC, Jerry, and Tim...I think it is Tequila time!!

Linda, Cheri and I having Cheri's famous "Bernies" a shot of Tequila and a wedge of orange rolled in cinnamon and sugar....Yum!!!
While Cheri was here in La Cruz the Regata Copa Mexico came, this is the biggest regata in Mexico. 
http://www.regatacopamexico.com/, the first events are of the J24 sailboats.  This was fun, because Jerry used to sail these up in Stockton.  Then at the end of the week the big, fast sailboats came down from San Diego.  We did not get to see many of them, since we left before they started racing. 
The last day of Cheri's trip we went over to Tim and Linda's condo and had an afternoon of hanging by the pool and had a little potluck.  This is an awesome place they rent every year, Jerry and I said we will come visit them next year.

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