Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hanging out in one of our favorite towns!!

We are really excited to be back in Zihuatanejo, there only a couple of other sailboat in the bay.  We had an easy check in to the port captian, there is a muelle (peir) for the fishing boats and the cruise ship shuttles, but unfortuently we are not allowed to leave the dinghy there.  So beach leanding it is, now there is hardly any surf in the corner where we land the dinghys, but because we have no dinghy wheels it is still quite a struggle to drag the heavy dinghy up the beach.  There are a couple of guys, Jesus and Alfanso who if they are around will help for a little tip, which for us is worth it.  We have been having a great time walking around the downtown and the centro market.  Skeeter and I have been running on a little path around the bay, that by 8 am expecially on the weekends is really crowded. 
Jerry sitting in Tanya's fixed up car, Tanya own's The Fishing Hole one of the best local gringo bars in Zihuat!

Jerry got a kite!

watch as it sails throught the air!!
While having breakfast one morning we met a couple from Michigan on vacation down here, after talking with them a while we invited them to come have some beers on the back of SOMF one afternoon.  We had a great time with them, after we drank all the beers on the boat we went back to town to go check out some of the night life.  It was a Tuesday evening and there was not a huge night life going on, but we had a blast staying out till about 1am...I know what you are thinking...we are some party animals!!  A few days later we went over to their hotel to hangout out poolside and go have a nice dinner together.  They were a great couple and am so glad we met them, we wish them safe travels home.  
Us with Joe and Jackie having drink on the deck of SOMF

Jerry going down the slide at Joe and Jackies hotel

They still had a Day of The Dead alter up in the lobby of the hotel
a view of the bay from their hotel room, not many sailboats out there!
 We took a taxi over to Ixtapa one afternoon to go check out the marina.  This is one of the largest and probably expensive marinas in Mexico, holding over 500 slips.  There was one little marine store that happen to have the generator water pump that we have been needing for $120 dollars, but more about that later.  We stopped at one of the restuarants in the marina and then took the bus back to Zihuatanejo. 
Marina Ixtapa

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