Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We made it to Bahia Concepcion!!

As I said in an earlier blog we made it to Bahia Concepcion, and I have to say it was yet another exciting SOMF crossing of the sea, we left around 3:15 am on Monday October 25th; around 5 am Jerry noticed that the engine temperature was starting to rise above 180 degrees. We slowed down the rpm’s and put up the sail to try to keep a decent speed, but to allow the engine to cool down so we could see what was going on. Once the temp cooled we would run up the rpm’s again to see if it was going to go up again. Jerry went into the engine room to check out the problem, and came up with the conclusion it was the engine cooling water intake. It was not getting the right amount of water from the outside up to the engine. Around 7:30 am we shut off the engine to let it cool, there was absolutely no wind, so we just floated around, after 2 hour we decided that the through hole was probably clogged with barnacle growth. I dove into the nice 81 degree water and dove under the boat with a screwdriver to try to unclog the vent holes. It took me a few times diving down, because I am not very good at holding my breath when I am under the boat it makes me very nervous, but I got it unclogged. After that the engine ran great no overheating at all, but we still want to go back down and scrap some more, we think that if that was overgrown then the through hole for the water maker might also be. We were able to finally get the fishing poles out, unfortunately we only hooked on small female dorado which we let go and something hooked on, but broke the line free. We had a great motor sail the rest of the trip going into Isla San Marcos around 6 pm right as the sun was going down. This is one of our favorite anchorages; there was one other catamaran in the anchorage. We dropped anchor and had some cocktails and dinner and got a great night sleep. The next morning we decided instead of hanging around there we wanted to get into Concepcion Bay because we had some friends there and I needed to make sure we would be there to watch the World Series. There was not much wind so we just motored down the bay. Right as we were getting ready to enter the bay we hooked up as nice 10lbs skipjack, but they are not really good eating fish so we let it go. We arrived in Bahia Conception about 3:30 pm after anchoring having some grub we lowered the dinghy and met Kate and Dan on SV Akupara at Ana’s bar right on the beach.

Wednesday morning I went to the beach with Skeeter and then met Dan and Kate to go diving. That night Jerry and I cooked up some clams with wine, garlic and butter for dinner and can I say Yum Oh.

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