Thursday, May 8, 2008

So it begins

Ok, I guess it is time to start this blog. The plan is to be ready for the "09" Baja Haha. The boat is a 1987 46' Island Trader, I am not 100% sure but I believe it is the last one made. If you do some searching on the web you will find an equal number of people who hate this boat and people who love it. It seems like the people who hate it are mostly going on second hand information and the people who love it own or used to own one. Some people say it is not suited for bluewater, I had it surveyed for offshore and the main recommendation was to upgrade the standing rigging. So that is at the top of a long list of items I want complete before I go. Check back once in awhile for updates to this blog. I plan to show things I am doing to get ready as well as things I have already done. I am not sure how often I will update it, but as the date gets nearer I am sure it will be more frequent...

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Matthew and Julie said...

We have been informed that ours is the very last one that was ever made. She is a 1988 46'IT called the Coup d' Amour. Sadly the only other IT made that year too was the Madagascar Jack which was beached. We are so excited that you found our blog and look forward to reading about your adventures and talking with you more. We know 2 other owners of IT's in our area. Peter who owns the Valkyrie in Venice, FL. and Frank and Gail (name being changed) only 2 miles from us currently. Peter & ourselves will also be in the Caribbean soon. Still pretty tired after stepping our masts Friday so we are going to get some rest. TTYL :)

Julie & Matthew
s/v Coup d' Amour